Adventure Camp
Besides giving one an opportunity to be in touch with nature, the best educator, adventure sports/ camps have multiple advantages, especially when one is in his formative years. Though from trekking to rock climbing & team building exercise, bird watching, rope course, zorb ball & night march as well as we cover famous places of nainital- High Altitude Zoo, Cable car Ride, Boating at naini  lake, jungle safari at jim Corbett park etc. the choice is unlimited, yet they all serve a common purpose which we prefer to summaries as under.

To start with, it would be of interest to know that how adventure sports came to be introduce in schools in Britain? The story goes that many of the young men in mediaeval times recruited to increase the British fighting force perished on the field, as they lacked the experience of team work, of tackling a crisis in real life. That was when the authorities realized how adventure sports and outdoor activity could promote team work. And so they were introduced in schools and colleges. Since then adventure sports/camps in schools and colleges in Europe have not looked back.

Adventure sports help one in adapting to real- life situations and include a competitive work environment. The focus on team building and strong interpersonal relationship, which have a direct bearing on productivity.

In adventure sports, whilst dealing with the difficulty of equipment and techniques, one also get in touch with his inner core. This enables him to boost self confidence, personal responsibility, fitness and teamwork. But how does this happen? The inspired participants are provided a series of progressively challenging situations and opportunities.

Through achievement, participants discover that they possess far more inner strength than they knew. Adventure sports empower one with the confidence, tenacity and skills necessary to deal with the ups and downs in life.

The outdoor activity comprises situations where the participants must work either on their own, or in a group. The team building games are fun, as well as useful, geared to introduce participants to a world where trust is an important factor’s
So to live successfully in the contemporary where one has not to sell but also assert himself, can the formative influence of Adventure Sports ever be denied?

Duration of Adventure Camps-

3 to 7 days. Except monsoon  (July to September).