Outdoor Events For Corporates

We arrange Outdoor Events For Corporate People

 Rock Climbing Activities

  • Rock Climbing  Climbing on a Rock Face with the help of Hand Hold and foot Hold as well as safety Rope.
  • Rappelling  Rappelling It is a technique of sliding down a controlling ones speed with friction on the line to come down a rock face.
  • Bouldring - It is climbing on small rocks (7 to 12 ft) without ropes.
  • Tyrolean Traverse - It is a method of crossing a river with the help of ropes,  harness and carabiner.
 Rope Course

A series of rope and wooden bridges, platform, nets and   Ladders designed to provide various levels of difficulties from the easy to the challenging. These are for personal Challenge and test, building self confidence, teamwork and mutual trust and support. (Burma Bridge, Twin, Commando Net, Parallel Traverses etc.)

  • Flying Fox - It is a high adventure based fun activity in which a person is lowered down through a slanting rope at different speeds.
  • Twine- The activity is to balance oneself on a rope with the help of Overhanging ropes to cover a certain distance.
  • Burma Bridge - It is a technique of crossing a river a gorge, with the help of ropes. It is an improvised bridge made of ropes and lines.
 Team Building Exercise
  • Human Web- This activity is to transport the entire team through a web made ofRopes. The team has to creatively plan, allocate responsibilities take leadership and execute in cohesion to successfully complete the task.
  • Blind Fold Tent Pitching ? It is an effort of all team members who have to beblind folded and pitch their tent properly.
  • Raft Building  Instead of a rubber boat, we use inner tube and bamboo Lashed together to form a raft that will be used on the Swimming pool. This activity is very beneficial for the Participants, as they will work together to build a strong And practicable raft for their own group. Everyone will be   Involved in this process which at the same time will  Enhance the level of teamwork, brainstorming, decision  Making and leadership, to name a few.
  • Trust Fall    An activity where a person let goes of him/her for a split of   a second trusting his/her team members. This activity brings out strong positives for trust and responsibility.
  • Mine Field    A team building exercise that involves lot of coordination, planning and communication within the team. The task is to cross a predefined area with the help of wooden planks in a given specific time without stepping on the ground.
 NOTE  We also organized these kinds of activities all over India

Apart from these activities we offer exclusive progarrms like trekking in Himalayas, Mountain  Climbing , Skiing etc.