High Altitude Treks Garhwal

ROOP KUND 5029 mtrs
This 5029 Mtrs high Roopkund Lake in the Chamoli District of Uttaranchal, is also known as the Mystery Lake for it contains, still well preserved human and equine skeleton remain of over 300 people and animal, estimated to have perished in the lake over 500 years ago. Experts have put forward several theories to explain the findings at Roopkund lake but the Mystery remains to be fully explained. The theories range from the local lore entire regime of the king at the lake about 550 years ago, to the remains being those of the strugglers of General Zorawar Sings army after his defeat at the hands of Tibetan army near Taklakot (Tibet) in 1842.
The Nanda Raj Jat, once every 12 years of Pilgrimage trek of about 280 Kms. In August ? September, unique to the people of Chamoli District, has been passing through Roopkund lake since the 9th Century on its way to worship at Homkund near Nanda Ghunti Peak. Part of this route is common with the trek to Roopkund.

  • Altitude 5029 MTRS)
  • Best time of the Year- June-  Sept - October.


Trek Details

Day-01 Arrival Kathgodam (Rail Head) & leave for Nainital. Night stay at Nainital.
Day-02 leave for Lohajung 210 kms.  Night stay in Tourist Lodge/Tented Camp.
Day-03 Trek to Didana (2450 Mtrs) 13 Kms. Night stay  in Tented Camp.
Day-04 Trek to Bedini Buggyal (3354 Mtrs) 13 Kms. Night stay  in Tented Camp.
Day-05 Trek to Bhaguabasa (4000 Mtrs) 12 Kms. Night stay at Bhaguabasa in Tented Camp.
Day-06 Trek to Roop Kund and back to Bedni Buggyal 22 Kms.
Day-08 Trek to Wan Village (2300 mtrs.) 12 kms. and by jeep to Lohajung. 13 kms.
Day-09 Lohajung to Kathgodam. (Rail Head) 202 kms. & Departure.

 Note For Trek


This is the 8 Kms. Long and 2 Kms. Wide Valley  lies as tride Pushpavati stream which joined by several smaller streams and waterfalls at an altitude from 3352 mtrs. To 3658 mtrs. And can be approached from Badrinath, Joshimath and Ghansali to West, South and North East respectively through high Mountain Passes which open around May. The Himalayan Flowers of the valley are best seen in July ? August.

HEMKUND (4329 mtrs)
Surrounded by seven snow covered peaks, this high altitude lake is considered holy by both Sikhs and Hindus. Glaciers from Hati Parbat and Sapat Shiring Peaks feed the lake.The popular route to Hemkund and Valley of Flowers from Govind Ghat on the Badrinath road is a common trek upto Ghagharia, from where there is a steep climb upto Hem Kund. There is a Gurdwara and a rest house in Hemkund.
In the Garhwal Himalayas lies Shri Hemkund Sahib, a cobalt-coloured lake, surrounded by seven peaks of Saptashringa Parvat an on its bank is located the Gurudwara dedicated to the 10th Guru of Sikhs, Guru Govind Singh, the founder of the Khalsa Panth, meditated on the bank of this lake in his earlier life as Rishi Bishala and was also known as Rishi Medhasa and Madhakth. A mention of this rishi is made in Markandey Purana.
In 1932, Bhai Sohan Singh, who was a religious teacher in the Golden temple at Amritshar and was fascinated by the description of this glacial lake in the Vichitra Natak, autobiography of Guru Gobind Singh and with many difficulties managed to located the lake. He founded the place to be exactly in accordance with the description in Vichitra Natak.

  • Valley Of Flower Altitude (3352 MTRS TO 3658 MTRS)
  • Best time of the Year - 15th July to 15th Sept.

Day Trek Details
Day-01 Arrival Kathgodam (Rail Head) & leave for Nainital. Night stay at Nainital.
Day-02 Leave Nainital for Joshimath (288 kms.). Night stay at Joshimath.
Day-03 Leave Joshimath to Govindghat (1828 Mtrs) (Road Head) breakfast at Govindghat. After breakfast trek 11 Kms. to Ghagaria (3048 Mtrs) Night stay at Camp/Rest House.
Day-04 Trek 6 Kms. To Hemkund Sahib (4329 Mtrs) return back to Ghagaria. Night stay at Ghagaria.
Day-05 Early start after breakfast for Valley of Flowers and return back to Ghagharia Camp (10 kms.). Night stay at Ghagharia.
Day-06 Leave Ghagaria after breakfast trek 11 Kms. Downhill to Govindghat and leave for Badrinath and visit Badrinath Temple and area around Badrinath.
Day-07 After breakfast leave for Pipalkoti. Night stay at Pipalkoti.
Day-08 After breakfast leave for Kathgodam (Rail Head) 272 kms. & Departure.

 Note For Trek


Foe a ring side view of a galaxy of Central Himalayan giants including Kedarnath, Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, Kamet, Gori Parbat, Bhetartoli, Dunagari, and Nanda Devi. 4478 mtrs high Kuari Pass has no paralles. The trek to Kuari Pass upto and beyond touards Joshimath is also known as the Curzon?s Trail after the British Viceroy of India Lord Corzon who visited the pass in 1905.

Several early Mountaineering Expedition and visitors passing the Kuari Pass were uniformly enraptured by the extensive in spring Himalayan Panorama from there. The beauty and magic of the pass remains unchanged.

The area North of the Kuari Pass has several open, high altitude meadows (buggyals) where thousands of species of Himalayan Flora bloom in season (July-August) to convert the landscape into a tapestry popularized for winter sports.

Off the beaten trek and mercifully spared by the milling crowds of tourists. Kuari Pass area remains a sanctuary for those looking for an undisturbed holiday, open air and grandstand views of lofty Himalayan peaks and vistas.
  • Altitude(3700 mtrs)
  • Best time of the Year.  May - June & Sept - October.

Day Trek Details
Day-01 Arrival Haridwar (Rail Head) & leave for Karnprayag 195 kms. Night stay at Karnprayag.
Day-02 Leave Karnprayag for Selubagar (1600 mtrs.) 50 kms. and 6 kms trek to Ghuni(2400 mtrs.)Night stayTented Camp.
Day-03 Tre to Jhingi (2150 Mtrs) 15 kms. Night stay  in Tented Camp/Rest House.
Day-04 Trek to Pana (2700 mtr.) 12 kms. Night stay in Tented Camp.
Day-05 Trek to Dakwani (3200 mtrs.) 15 kms. Night stay in Tented Camp.
Day-06  Trek to Kuwari Pass- Khulara(3000 mtrs.) 8 kms. Night stay in Tented Camp.
Day-07 Trek to Auli(2550 mtrs.) 14 kms. and by jeep to Karnprayag.90 kms.
Day-08 Karnprayag to Haridwar. Departure

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KUARI PASS (3700 mtrs)
  • Altitude(3700 mtrs)
  • Best time of the Year - May - June & Sept - October.

  • Day Trek Details
    Day-01 Arrival Kathgodam (Rail Head) & leave for Nainital. Night stay at Nainital.
    Day-02 Leave Nainital for Joshimath (by bus) 288 kms. Arrive Kathgodam & leave for Joshimath (by bus) arrive Joshimath in the evening. Night stay in Joshimath in Hotel.
    Day-03 Joshimath to auli, by cable car & trek to Tali (3500 Mtrs) 9 Kms trek Night stay at Tal in Tented Camp.
    Day-04 After breakfast leave for Chitra Kantha (3506 Mtrs) trek 6 Kms. Night stay in Tented Camp.
    Day-05 after breakfast leave for Kuari Pass (4268 Mtrs) trek 8 Kms. Night stay at Kuari Pass in Tented Camp.
    Day-06 After breakfast trek to Kullara (2898 Mtrs) 10 Kms. Night stay in Tented Camp.
    Day-07 After breakfast trek to Tapovan (1829 Mtrs) trek 10 Kms and by bus to Joshimath. Night stay at Joshimath in Hotel.
    Day-08 Joshimath to Kathgodam (Rail Head) 305 kms. & Departure.

     Note For Trek


    In the ridge, above the valleys of Seta & Kalindi, there are three high saddles Which enable passage to the Arwa Valley. One of them was crossed By members of the successful expedition to KAMET in 1931. Having reached the summit they went from gamsali via Bhiundar Khal to the Alaknanda Valley. Then, the climbers explored the head glaciers of the Arwa Valley, crossing the main watershed into the head of the Chaturangi glacier. Three years later, E. Shipton, who participated in the Kamet expedition, reached Badrinath for the second time. He was accompanied by H. Tilman. They went north up the Alaknand to Mana and explored the Bhagairath Kharak Glacier in the hope of finding the pass leading to the Gangotri Glacier.
    Unsuccessful in their efforts, they crossed over the ridge to the Arwa Valley to climb and cross over Kalindi Khal and descent as far as Gaumukh.
    Apart from this, people need good physical condition as well as experience of High Altitude Trekking to cross over from the Kalindi Khal.

    • Altitude(5947 MTRS.)
    • Best time of the Year - Septmember - 15th October.

    Day Trek Details
    Day-01 Leave Haridwar for Uttarkashi 220 Kms. Night stay at Uttarkashi.
    Day-02 Uttarkashi to Gangotri (3140Mt.)
    Day-03 Acclimatization at Gangotri.
    Day-04 Gangotri to Bhojvasa(3792 mtrs.) 14kms. trek.
    Day-05 Bhojvasa to Nandanvan(4330 mtrs.) 5-6 Hrs. trek.
    Day-06 Nandanvan  Tapovan (4463 mtrs.)- Nandanvan.5-6 hrs Trek.
    Day-07 Nandanvan to Vasuki tal(4880 mtrs.)4-5 Hrs. trek.
    Day-08 Vasuki tal to Surlaya Bamak(5180 mtrs.) 5-6 Hrs. trek.
    Day-09 Surlaya Bamak to Seta Bamak(5486 mtrs.) 5-6 Hrs. trek.
    Day-10 Seta Bamak to Kalindi base(5650mtrs.) 5-6 Hrs. trek.
    Day-11 Kalindi base  Kalindi Khal 4 Hrs. Arwa tal(4880mtrs.)5 Hrs.
    Day-12 Arwa tal to Gashtoli(3996mtrs.) 18 kms.
    Day-13 Gashtoli to Mana 14 kms.trek-Badrinath Temple-Joshimath 48Kms.
    Day-14 Joshimath to Haridwar 277 Kms. (Rail Head) & Departure.
    Day-15 Reserve Day.

    Notes For Trek -

    • Please contact for tariff details.
    • Provided transport  According to group size. (To & Fro Haridwar Rail Head)
    • Provided Accommodation  Tents & Rest Houses.
    • Provided equipment  Ruck sack, Sleeping Bag, Carry mat & tents.
    • Snout Adventures reserves all rights to change /alter the tour itinerary.
    • Confirmation of the group 30 days in advance.
    • Participants should be medically & physically fit.