Based at Nainital, we are a team of professionals in the field of adventure and Nature Tourism for the past 15 teen years. Our team consists of qualified Rock Climbers, Mountaineers, Trekkers and also those having expertise & experiences in Adventures sports.
Repeated exposure to the idyllic charms of remote hills, alpine meadows, ever inviting jungles forgotten pre-historic and historical remains on one hand and hazards of rocks, snow, ice, turbulent hill streams, high empyrean, down pour and challenging ascents and descents on the other, has been a way of life with the towering peaks of Himalayas, including the lofty Everest.
Himalayas, we believe, are not only to be bowed before or adored as the seat of divinity; they are to be touched, felt, spoken to and above all loved?.and we are here to help you in entering into an intimate dialogue with the mountains in their different moods; ranging from romantic to elusive, challenging and the most buoyant one.

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Exposure and expertise apart, technically also we are fully equipped to cater to the requirement and interest of diverse group or individuals. May you be a holiday maker, a honeymooner, a group of researchers, hobby seekers, specialist, explorer or just an inquisitive wanderer on this undulating upland, you always have reasons to be with us.